Insider Cloth Iron On Wearable Microfiber Cloth

Insider Cloth: Fashion For Our Time

What do you do with a decade whose larger identity is tied to a pandemic?

To date, it's tough to associate trends with the 2020s that don't involve masks or Zoom sessions.

As we've gone out less, it's been tough to even identify fashion trends for our times (once again, masks aside). But this much is true: Screens are becoming an even more ubiquitous part of daily life. And as a result, so are microfiber cloths.

Microfiber Cloth Uses

Microfiber Cloths have two major use cases: Eyeglasses and Screens.

The Microfiber Cloth for Glasses use case may seem fairly self-evident, but we'll break it down further below.

The Microfiber Cloth for Screens use case is of course relatively new but growing in significance daily. In short, screens get dirty and dusty. With the average household now having more than 10 devices under each roof, that's a lot of dusty screens encountered daily by each user.

Microfiber Cloth for Screens

A Microfiber Cloth helps keep screens both clean and presentable. In an era of quick texts and autocorrects, there is already more than enough room for error. A dirty screen can only compound the problem. Moreover, device appearance is important. Many consumers are already very choosy on their device color. Those same people are going to want their screen to be showcased in its best and cleanest light.

Microfiber Cloth For Glasses

There have always been several options for cleaning one's eyeglasses. The problem is none of them have ever been all that good. One can use water and a paper or cloth towel, but that requires having access to all the materials if and when they're needed. And damage to the product is always a concern.

Products like the Insider Cloth are ready-made solutions for keeping devices clean and pristine. And because they're wearable, they are very accessible as well.

It's for these reasons that we believe that the Insider Cloth may just be the Fashion Statement of 2022. Wearable, accessible and keeping your screens and glasses fresh and clean. Just iron on to the insider of your shirt or jacket and you're ready to go!

Perhaps it really is the fashion of our time!










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