What type of clothing can I Apply Insider Cloth to?

    The Insider Cloth is highly versatile and designed to adhere effectively to a wide range of clothing materials. This includes everyday fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and blends among others. Our unique, patent-pending stick-on design ensures the cloth stays securely in place for your convenience.

    That being said, for optimal results, we do recommend avoiding clothing with uneven or inconsistent surfaces. This could include textured fabrics like chunky cabled sweaters or garments with decorative holes or heavy embroidery in the area where you plan to mount the Insider Cloth. These surfaces may not allow for a secure fit and could reduce the effectiveness of the stick-on design.

    Additionally, while the Insider Cloth can technically be adhered to super thin or transparent clothing, we suggest caution with these materials. The outline of the cloth may be slightly visible from the outside on such garments. While it isn't overly noticeable, it could be considered unsightly by some.

    In essence, Insider Cloth is adaptable and designed to work with a variety of clothing. However, for best results and aesthetics, we recommend sticking to garments that are relatively smooth and not overly thin or transparent. This way, you can enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of the Insider Cloth without compromising on the look and feel of your outfits.

      How do I apply Insider Cloth to my clothing?

        1. Find a flat smooth surface, like a table.
        2. Place your garment (t-shirt, coat, blouse, tie, etc.) flat on the hard surface.
        3. We recommend mounting the cloth in a convenient location where you can easily access the cloth and is also not visible when wearing the garment - for example on the under-side of the t-shirt.
        4. Flatten the area of the garment making sure there are no wrinkles.
        5. Place the cloth on the mounting area and firmly press down on the cloth for 5-10 seconds.
        6. Make sure all of the edges and corner have fully adhered to the garment.
        7. We recommend keeping the garment dry for 2 hours.

        Adding Insider Cloth to a T-Shirt

        Adding Insider Cloth to a Dress

        Adding Insider Cloth to a Tie

          Will Insider Cloth damage my clothing?

            Absolutely not. The Insider Cloth has been carefully engineered with a focus on being friendly to both your lenses and your clothes. It adheres to your clothing using a special patent-pending stick-on design that is gentle and safe for all types of fabrics.
            While the Insider Cloth sticks effectively to your garments, it is designed to be easily removable without leaving residue or causing any damage. This includes not causing color fading, fabric stretching, or adhesive marks. We believe that practicality should never come at the cost of your clothing's integrity.
            However, to ensure the longevity of your garments and the effectiveness of the Insider Cloth, it is important to follow our usage and care instructions. This includes adhering the cloth to a suitable location on your clothing and replacing it every 10-15 wash cycles, as the adhesive's sticking capacity and the microfiber's cleaning efficiency can decrease with continuous washing.
            In summary, when used as directed, the Insider Cloth is a safe and convenient solution for lens cleaning that seamlessly integrates with your daily wardrobe without causing any damage to your clothing.

            Is the Insider Cloth reusable and does it remain attached to clothing during washes and dry cleaning?

            Yes, the Insider Cloth is designed for reusability and convenience. However, the way it behaves during washing and dry cleaning depends on the version you choose:

            1. Temporary Non-Washable: This version is designed for single-use and will stay on your clothing until the next wash, where it can be removed and disposed of.

            2. Semi-Permanent Washable: This variant can withstand up to 15 wash cycles. Its durability varies depending on the frequency and intensity of washing. It can be removed and replaced anytime you wish.

            3. Permanent Washable: The iron-on version is designed to permanently stay on your garment even after countless washes or dry cleaning. It's not removable, providing a consistent, always-there lens-cleaning solution.

            It's important to note that while all versions are reusable, their lifespan will vary depending on usage, cleaning habits, and the version you select. We recommend choosing the version that best fits your needs and lifestyle for optimal cleaning performance.

              How do I remove Insider Cloth from my clothing?

                1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above on how to install.
                2. Gently peel a corner of Insider Cloth.
                3. Place your hand firmly on the garment on the other side of the direction you are peeling.
                4. Very slowly and gently peel Insider Cloth back until it is fully removed.