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Timely SWAG: Custom Microfiber Cloths

Ah, Trade Shows! How we've missed you over the last two years.

Attending virtual corporate events certainly was more convenient. Yet, they lacked a certain element of fun that can only be experienced in a live setting.

But the good news is that they are coming back. And soon you will be able to network in-person with live entertainment, stocked buffets and, of course, SWAG!

Not Another Charger! Make it a Custom Microfiber Cloth!

Receiving SWAG is fun! Free gifts make us feel important and loved. The fun stops a day later when all that free stuff move over into a category known as "Clutter." One phone charger is cool and two glass koozies may even be useful. But six of either are likely mere occupants of drawers that are taking up space while accumulating dust.

And if the consumer isn't looking at the SWAG with your company's logo, the branding value isn't being realized.

Which is why companies looking for a give-away that people will keep and look at regularly should consider custom microfiber cloths. In fact, it may be one of the best potential SWAG items of our time.  

What Is A Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloths are fast becoming a must-have in the 2020s. Whether it's a microfiber eyeglasses cloth or screen cloth, everyone has an item that needs cleaning on a daily basis. In short, this is an item that everyone needs and is likely to make use of regularly. If you want people to remember your brand, consider putting it on a microfiber cloth. As long as there are screens, glasses and lint in this world, microfiber cloths will have a place in it. With Insider Cloth's customer microfiber clothes, your brand will be top of mind with each use.

Why The Insider Cloth Matters

While any microfiber cloth is likely to be a SWAG winner, there are reasons why we believe the Insider Cloth is unique. Unlike other microfiber cloths, the Insider Cloth irons on to the clothing, so it is always accessible whenever needed. And since the Insider Cloth is less likely to be discarded or lost, the branding value it provides is especially high.

So the next time your company is considering a new give-away to remind consumers of your value, consider the Insider Cloth. It might just be the best marketing ROI deal in Corporate SWAG today!

Reach out to our sales team for custom microfiber cloths for your next corporate event!

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