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Insider Cloth

Insider Cloth Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloths, 1 Pack, 5 Cloths

Insider Cloth Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloths, 1 Pack, 5 Cloths

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Keep Eyeglasses and Touchscreens Free of Dirt and Oils with a Travel-Ready Insider Cloth

If you wear glasses or sunglasses you know how quickly they can get smudged up.  This can be due to dirt and oil on your skin or eyelashes, being active outdoors, working out in the gym, or simply taking glasses on or off regularly.  That’s why we designed the first-ever Insider Cloth, a lens cleaning cloth that adheres onto the underside of your shirt or top and lets you quickly clean your glasses, smartphone screen, tablet or smartwatch.  No matter where you go or what you’re doing, the Insider Cloth is nearby and at your ready.

On-the-Go Cleaning Made Simple

The Insider Cloth was designed to help free up your life and give you more clarity with whatever you’re doing.  Along with cleaning glasses or sunglasses, our cloths are ideal for professional photographers, smartphone users, Instagram influencers and anyone who just needs to keep touchscreens clean and responsive.

Completely Unnoticeable Design

Carrying a microfiber cleaning cloth can be a hassle if you lack pockets or extra space. The Insider Cloth, with its unique patent-pending design, tackles this by adhering safely to the inside of your clothing, making it completely unnoticeable. Simply lift the edge of your shirt or garment, use the cloth to clean your item quickly, and you're done. No mess, no fuss, and no extra bulk in your pockets.

Our Expanded Insider Cloth Line: Choose Your Ideal Lens-Cleaning Solution

We offer three versatile versions of the Insider Cloth, providing the perfect lens-cleaning solution for every lifestyle and preference. All versions are available in both black and white, allowing you to select the option that best fits your aesthetic.

  1. Temporary Non-Washable: This version of Insider Cloth features a peel-and-stick application that lasts until your garment's next wash. It's ideal for occasional use or special events. Once your garment needs cleaning, the cloth can be disposed of, making it a great choice for those who need a quick and convenient cleaning solution on the go.

  2. Semi-Permanent Washable: Our semi-permanent version adheres firmly to your garment and can withstand up to 15 wash cycles. This cloth is safely removable at any time, offering a balance of durability and flexibility. If you're looking for a lens-cleaning solution that's there when you need it and gone when you don't, this version is for you.

  3. Permanent Washable: The ultimate in longevity and convenience, this iron-on version provides a permanent lens-cleaning solution. Once ironed on, it will stay securely attached to your garment even after countless washes. It's not removable, making it a dependable, always-there option for those who want to make lens cleaning an integral part of their wardrobe.

In total, we have six exciting variants for you to choose from. Each version is designed to cater to different needs and lifestyles, ensuring you always have the right lens-cleaning solution at your fingertips. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Insider Cloth in a way that suits you best.

Product Details:

  • Ultra-Soft Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth (5 Cloths Per Pack)
  • Convenient Patent-Pending Stick-On Design
  • Gentle, Safe, and Non-Damaging
  • Designed for Portable Use
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4” or 3" X 3" for the Iron-On
  • Available in Black or White
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